Originated from the Japan, Anime have taken over the globe.
The animated films and series from Japan are a little bit different than
Western kind of animation. The Japanese feature the anime with adult theme and
adult stories which quiet inappropriate for other animations where it is
specifically arranged for kids. Japanese style also show visuals which are quiet exaggerated and fantasies coming true

The anime lovers have a list of favorites by now. The
animation started at Japan known as anime/ Manga became popular outside Japan
in the 80s. This continued to increase in time and there are anime like the “Death Note” which gained pretty good
number of fans from the West. Few anime have gained a lot of super fans and
those have been dubbed to English.

Few films in Hollywood like the Avatar- the Last Airbender and Samurai
have been taken from Anime due to its story material and design. The
list of popular anime in long and many people have lot of reviews to provide
about them. But what about the little know anime movies/ series which you
should already watch by now. Here are some of them:

5 little known anime movies/series

1. Noragami

Produced by the Bones Studio, this particular anime
have amazing visual effects and looks. The sound track is also very unique and
you will like it. The sequence is smooth going and the actions scenes are quiet
well. They have included interesting comedy scenes with good bond within the
characters. The story is about a girl named Hiyori Iki who gains Phantom powers
with meeting a God named Yato.

2. Beyond the Boundary

Produced by Kyoto Animation, the anime have unique
color and style in it. The story happens in a beautiful fantasy world and has
amazing battle scenes. The characters seem to have unforgettable qualities
which will keep you going till the end. This story is about Akihito Kanbara, a
supernatural creature and Mirai, a Spirit World Warrior.

3. The Devil is a Part Timer

If you have worked anytime at food service or
restaurants, this anime will interest, Produced by White Fox Studios, this
anime is a perfect blend of fun, comedy and action. You will completely enjoy
watching the characters, the Demon Lord Satan and a girl named Hero Emilia meet
up and the explore their personalities.

4. From the New World

Produced by A-1 Pictures, this anime gives a lot of
suspense. If you a fan of twists in the story then this anime is a perfect fit
for you. The anime visualize a lot of character lives and there is a guessing
game at each corner of the story and an unexpected event. The thrilling story
is about 5 children surviving in future and starts learning about the
Telekinesis and about a cursed power. The story starts when they are 12 years
old when they join an advanced school.

5. Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

This anime is again a production of Kyoto Animation
studio. The story is not about traditional love and romance. There pretty funny
action visuals in the anime that makes you want to watch more. The anime also
gives to look feature on high school romance between two delusional high school
students Yuto Togashi and Rikka Takanashi.



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Little Known Anime